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SUBLUE WhiteShark Mix


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WHITESHARK MIX has excellent skills underlying its small body and is symmetrically provided with an independently developed double-propeller system with single propeller thrusting force up to 4kgf. A perfect integration of compact body and huge thrusting force enables you to rival swimming athletes in the water. Even if you are a fresh swimming beginner, WHITESHARK MIX can make you a star in the water and enjoy the honor in the swimming arena.


Simplified user-friendly design for quick and simple use.

In order to ensure easy use by new users of WHITESHARK MIX, consideration is given to users’ feel in every detail. Through a streamlined and symmetrical design, only magnet switches at left and right holding positions are reserved, demanding no study costs, so as to enable you to enjoy the pleasure of swimming freely in the water by using the product.

Pursuing fun and easy use in a safe range.

Apart from offering an excellent angle of view, making the product harmonious and graceful, the symmetrical design of the propellers on the left and right makes the operation more stable during actual use. The propellers are designed with a safe protective net to prevent fingers from accidental injury. We also fully simulate using scenarios in the water and provide innovative and smart structures to achieve zero buoyancy of MIX in fresh water so that even if placed in the water, MIX will not sink to the bottom.

Product Specifications

SizeLength465mm x width230mm x heightl230mm
Weight3500g(Battery included)
Speed3.35 miles/hour(1.5m/s)
Working Depth40m(maximum depth)
Battery Duration30 minutes(normal use)
Indicator LightMeets the working status and battery charge indication need
External Hanging SupportGopro and buoyancy capsule.
Single Thruster Force4KGF
Sing Thruster Maximum Power260W
Rated power100W
Charging Environment Temperature0~40℃
Maximum Charging Power100W
Charging Period≤4 hours


1.The speed may vary wilt different people and environment.

2.40 minutes is the laboratory value and a mean under the normal conditions of normal people using the product under water.

3.It is recommended that you prepare two or more spare special batteries for longer battery duration.

4.Gopro should be purchased by yourself.


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