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sendQuick Enterprise SMS Gateway


Price does not include modem or licences

TalariaX sendQuick® Enterprise is a plug-and-play appliance with key features including:

  • Unlimited end user license
  • Mass SMS using CSV and Tab Delimited file upload
  • 2-way SMS communication (multilingual support)
  • Highly scalable supporting up to 32 modems with direct connection to mobile operators
  • Auto load handling and auto message distribution for efficient sending and receiving of messages
  • Supports MMS (optional)
  • Fully customizable SMS commands ( with direct integration to your back-end system, on any platforms)
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Maximize results with cost effective SMS marketing

Short, concise general broadcasts for anything ranging from public awareness messages, natural disaster alerts and even marketing promotions helps relevant parties receive information and carry out necessary actions in a timely manner.

Comparing a host of mediums in which one can disseminate information as well as interact with existing and potential clients, SMS stands out with its relevancy, efficiency, and cost effectiveness as compared to other traditional forms of media.

Tapping onto the desirable qualities of mobile messaging, TalariaX sendQuick has added to its range of SMS appliance gateway solutions with sendQuick Enterprise, a plug and play device that integrates well with existing applications, servers and networks with features designed to facilitate general SMS broadcasting. sendQuick Enterprise is positioned as a user friendly and cost effective solution for automated general SMS broadcasting in a myriad of industries including government, healthcare, legal, medical, education, retail, logistics for purposes like emergency broadcasting, delivery notifications, job dispatch messages, inventory updates and marketing messages.

Since sendQuick Enterprise is able to help companies automate backend general broadcasting as well as to improve front end customer service and experience, the time and monetary resources gained can be directed to other important matters for the organization’s growth. Updated patches of sendQuick Enterprise offers optimized messaging speed with increased stability.

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