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sendQuick Entera SMS Gateway


Price does not include modem or licences

TalariaX sendQuick® Entera is a plug-and-play appliance with key features including:

  • Multiple user access rights, configurable by the user administration for better user management
  • Automatic SMS message routing (using SMS keyword) for interactive information on-demand
  • 2-way SMS communication
  • Messages are date and time stamped for easy monitoring and tracking purposes
  • Application integration method: via email, FTP, ODBC and HTTP Post for sending and receiving SMS
  • Email, SNMP Traps and Syslog filter to send only important alerts to single or multiple users
  • Built – in reminder and escalation function, suitable for IT alerting needs
  • Network monitoring function (PING, Port check and URL check) for system downtime alerts
  • Options for RAID and High Availability (HA) for zero down-time implementation
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Quick and Mobile SMS Messaging To Increase Business Efficiency

As businesses become more globalised and fast paced, there is a need for more processes to be automated as well as an emphasis on speed and customer service so as to remain competitive. Fast, automated, reliable information transfer is key and with the increasing mobility of staff and customers, as well as mobile phones growing to be the most prevalent personal device, information transfer via SMS presents itself as a quick, cost effective and reliable method.

To provide increased value for its customers, TalariaX sendQuick has developed an all in one SMS appliance gateway for enterprise messaging – the sendQuick Entera. A plug and play device that integrates well with existing applications, servers and networks, sendQuick Entera is positioned as an user friendly and cost effective solution for automated business process messaging across various departments like technology, marketing, operations, finance, administration for purposes like IT alerts and notifications, marketing campaigns and general broadcasting. Since sendQuick Entera is able to help companies automate backend enterprise messaging as well as to improve front end customer service and experience, the time and monetary resources gained can be directed to other important matters for the organization’s growth.

sendQuick Entera comes with a web based configuration for server administration as well as the ability to create and store address book and message templates to provide greater value and convenience for users. Hassle free integration to an unlimited number of back end applications as well as being scalable for up to 32 modems enhances sendQuick Entera as an all in one, reliable and cost effective SMS appliance gateway capable of handling heavy usage. Updated patches of sendQuick Entera offers optimized messaging speed with increased stability.

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