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Cel-Fi Quatra NU for Vodafone Bands 1/3/7/8

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Cel-Fi QUATRA has been tested, authorised and approved by Vodafone for use on the Vodafone Mobile Network

The Cel-Fi QUATRA Network Unit (NU) is the heart of the system and can be used with one to four coverage units.

Designed for the enterprise market, QUATRA can provide up to 5,000 square metres of mobile coverage for commercial buildings, office towers, government buildings, factories, warehouses, transportation hubs, and carparks.

The connection between the Network Unit and Coverage Units is digital via CAT5e cable, ensuring maximum output at each coverage unit.


  • Maximum Gain – industry-leading Off-air or Supercell for Voice and Data
  • Best Performance – Active DAS Hybrid with IntelliBoost® Chipset Smart Technology
  • Cellular Coverage – Models available for different carriers
  • Ease of Setup – Built for Installers with RFoE/ PoE and Maximised by AntennaBoost™
  • Cel-Fi WAVE – Remote Monitoring and Management Platform
  • Network Safe – Carrier Approved

Product Specifications

  • 3G (900/ 2100)
  • 4G (1800/ 2600)
  • MIMO support on 1800 & 2600
  • Crossover support on 2100 & 2600
  • 75Mhz of Bandwidth supporting up to four bands simultaneously
  • Provides power to Coverage Units (up to four) using PoE
  • Provides donor signal to the Cel-Fi QUATRA system
  • Connects to the Cel-Fi WAVE Platform for commissioning, remote monitoring and management
  • 2 x QMA donor antenna ports (MIMO)
WEIGHT2.9 kg


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