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Blackhawk Roof Masts Tek-Screw, Screw Down, 50mm Roof Masts


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The Blackhawk Roof Masts are a range of budget masts for quick, low cost installations. This Roof Mast is a 50 mm diameter galvanised pole with two stay bars attached to the mast by tek screws or hose clamps. Despite its simplicity, this design is quick and effective and most importantly low cost. The footplate has a hinged design allowing pitch compensation for standard corrugated iron and tin roofs.

50mm collared roof masts come into play when you need to install high gain or heavy antennas, where the standard 25mm roof masts won’t support the load. Many wireless equipment vendors also require their radios to be attached to masts a minimum 35mm in diameter to ensure engineering wind load calculations are valid.

  • These simple roof masts can be used for any pole-mounted device under the sun; weather monitoring, antennas, CCTV, solar panels, radio transmitters, data acquisition, GPS, and surveying equipment.

Many telecoms applications are sensitive to deflection and movement, particularly in adverse weather conditions – for any wireless and microwave applications please see our collard roof masts.